User-friendly Clipboard : Copycan Lite
Compatible with iOS4.3 or later
Optimized to iPhone5 and iPad

☆ Introduction ☆

Do you have useful applications for text copy and paste?
Copycan is a very user-friendly clipboard application for iPhone.

Each times the app is launched or back active, it will automatically add copied text to the "Main" screen.
The items in the list can be edited, can be given titles and be sent E-mail or SMS.
The items can be categorize to the folders that have 8 tabs.
It optimizes to rotation of iPad.
To sort each lists in used recently order that will be quickly and helpful for copying fixed form sentences.
The "Copy" buttons and "Check boxes" are always visible and simple,so you can operate intuitively.
"Add new" view can be inputted new text by keyboard.
Each list can be customized by yourself.

It's simple and quick.
The app offers great performances. Try to believe.

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